Whizarts Photographers - Our Profile

Ke Wynn - Principal Photographer, WPJA

Apart from business, Ke Wynn’s passion has always been into creative hobbies such as graphic design and photography. As with most individuals, he began his passion in photography when he first owned a consumer digital camera while he was still in his early teens. With the limited capability of most point-and-shoot camera, he later discovered that he was unable to fully express his shots the way he wanted to. As a result, he has decided to purchase his first DSLR camera. Within months, his photography skills and capability has developed and improved tremendously and it has brought him into a whole new journey.

In March 2007, Ke Wynn became a member of WPJA, an International, membership-based organization, representing professional photographers skilled in the documentation of weddings and events in a candid, unobtrusive style.

He has been photo-shooting along with Alishia ever since they founded Whizarts together. Other than weddings, the both of them have undertaken interior and events photography assignments for commercial purposes. Today, he is a full-time professional wedding photographer. Ke Wynn's official website is located at http://www.kewynn.com

Alishia - Senior Photographer / Designer

Alishia is a graduate from Penang’s renowned Art & Design College, Equator Academy of Art & Design; and was conferred with a Diploma in Graphic & Multimedia. During her tenure, she took up photography classes on her 2nd and 3rd year in college and later developed a keen interest in it.

Her career in photography began when she was asked to undertake an interior photography assignment for Celebrity Fitness Malaysia, and to photograph a wedding ceremony of her friend. Ever since, she has been photo-shooting along with Ke Wynn and founded Whizarts together.

Amongst their clients include Celebrity Fitness Malaysia, companies in industries that ranges from retail, F&B to engineering and non-profit organization

Apart from being a wedding photographer, Alishia is also a qualified graphic designer. She has designed corporate name cards, logos, posters and others as a freelancer, soon after she graduated. Today, she photographs and designs wedding invitation cards and stationeries for marrying clients. Click here to view Alishia's portfolio.