Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Wedding Invitation Card

Alishia recently designed a wedding invitation card for a couple based in US. The couple wanted the hibiscus flower and the colour orange as their wedding theme.

Alishia communicated closely with the lovely couple and conceptualised the entire card based on their requirements. She also recommended and selected the finest conquerer paper fitting for a wedding invitation card.

The envelope was designed as the invitation card itself, with 3 folding parts.

The envelope has a pocket to insert a map to the hotel, an RSVP response card and a mini envelope for the RSVP.

The entire invitation card folds into an envelope and the lid is sealed with a sticker that has a hibiscus flower printed on it.

Alishia is a qualified graphic designer and we provide customised wedding invitation card services, with over 50 quality papers for you to select from. Please contact us if you wish to know more about this service. For other interesting wedding stationaries, please click here.

*Images shown here are the property of Whizarts Ventures. Unauthorised duplication or reproduction of these images is strictly prohibited without the author's consent. The images and design shown here are copyrighted. All rights reserved.

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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Photo Montage

Here is a simple write up on one of our product called "Photo Montage".

Just provide us with your photos - in digital or print, and we'll do the rest of it. Here is a brief description on it:

- Photo paper - 8" x 12"
- Choice of frame (metal or wood) and mounting board
- 15-18 figures in one photo
- Non-reflective glass
- Total dimension (photo & frame) - Est. 12" x 16"

1) Wedding
2) Family
3) Diapers to Adult
4) Graduation
5) Hobbies

Photo Montage is priced at RM200.00 each. Contact us for further information. Click here for other wedding gifts and stationaries.

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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Ang Pao Box

In some weddings, you will notice a box, usually placed on top of the registration table. If you have been to a wedding with one, you would probably know that it is for the "Ang Pao". The box is normally used to manage and store the “Ang Pao” in one place.

We are currently introducing the Ang Pao Box as part of our wedding stationeries and premiums.

The dimensions are 8 inches tall, 9 inches wide and 7.5 inches deep. The basic box is priced at RM88 each.

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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Whizarts Wedding Comics

While I was looking through some wedding photo albums, I thought to myself and said that there could be more into these common albums than just photos. Sure, they have nice pictures and layouts, but everyone else is also having the same thing.

Why not create something unique and different that not only showcases the beautiful photos shot on that day, but also to create a story to entice the reader to continue flipping through it? So, we created the Whizarts Wedding Comic Album.

It is like any album, using quality print outs with elegant photo albums – but with an added twist. Below is an example of how it would look like.

Click above

We can write and design comical, romantic or adventure stories.. the choice is yours. I am not sure if you have seen it elsewhere. To me, it is the first that I’ve encountered. However, I am not too sure if newly wed couples are receptive to this idea. What do you think? Would you buy such an album?

PS: I am currently preparing another idea for a wedding album. Stay tune for it.

*Images shown are just samples. It does not represent any specific character or individual.

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Just Married

I had quite a number of enquiries lately on our "Just Married" car plate from both Penang and KL. So, I've decided to come out with a promotion on it. Our car plates are printed and affixed on a compressed styrofoam. This allows you to customize the wordings and design of the plate.

We do not recommend using metal because it is expensive and it tends to scratch your paint when you try to attach it to your car. Compressed styrofoam in the other hand can be easily fastened using double sided tape. We are also able to use plastic as its base if you want something more durable – but at a different price.

We have different colours to suit your car

Previously, one 16"x8" car plate is priced at RM55. From this month onwards, we are giving away a pair of “Mini Plates” FOR FREE when you purchase one of our plate. This promotion is valid for a limited time only. Call us if you want your own customized plate.

Complete your beautifully decorated wedding car with our "Just Married" car plate. Remember, you saw it first at Whizarts! For other interesting wedding stationaries and gifts, visit our website @

*Pictures shown are just for guide.

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