Friday, April 27, 2007

An email that made my day

I've just received an email that truly made my day. Thank you Tom & Susan for taking the time to write such a wonderful compliment. I will use the entire email you sent me if you don't mind. :) Thank you! Thank you!

Thanks so much Ke Wynn!

Ok long hard thought on a testimonial/feedback that you deserve!!

Take what ever bits you want!

Right from our first meeting just a few days before the wedding you immediately put us at ease and we had every confidence in you.

My brother being an keen photographer , is normally quite reserved at praising photographers but he could see very quickly that you were good, he commented really early in the morning that you were full of energy and enthusiasm, and that you were always in the right places at the right time to capture the best pictures.

You really showed your dedication to your job by delivering more than we expected; whilst we were having a break in the middle of the day you you were busy working on the morning photos ready for viewing in the evening, we didnt even request this, to say the least we were extremely impressed! And by giving us a preview of such good quality pictures it allowed us one less thing to worry about and i think this is valuable for any couple getting married as the last thing that should be on their mind is whether the photos are any good.

When looking at photographer portfolios sometimes you get too many close ups and not enough pictures that capture the mood of the wedding party , however the range of photos you have taken are excellent, there are a good mix of all shots showing you are not just pointing and shooting that you are actually impressing creativity in to the shots.

We are so glad we chose Whizarts to capture our special day, looking through the photos just brings back so many happy memories, thanks a lot Ke Wynn!

Ok bit of an essay, but really we have been so impressed with your service!!!

Thanks again! Take care,

Tom & Susan

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