Friday, February 16, 2007

Tom & Susan

Tom & Susan's first wedding ceremony was held in Malaysia. Kee Sitt & I was privileged enough to capture their special day. I must say that this wedding had a perfect crowd - they were fun and oblivious towards the camera.

Susan began her day as early as 6.30 in the morning and had her make up done at Gurney Hotel.

Susan had the most complete set of shoes for her special occasion

Tom was seen rather nervous when we met him in his room. I would too if I knew the "horror" they were about to go through later. ;)

And the horror begins! The girls lined up quite a number of interesting tasks for the guys.

No. 1: The bra hug!

No. 2: The ultimate military push up technique

No. 3: Having breakfast, blind folded

No. 4: Gherkin topped with spicy wasabe paste for an extra zing

No. 5: A task that most girls can easily accomplish even when blind folded, but not the guys

No. 6: The 10 commandments that comes with the package, memorised by hard. Even Tom was nervous when he was facing "Moses"

I will conveniently forget rule no. 2

No. 7: Handing over all Ang Paos inside your pocket and the currency they were referring to was Pounds

Tom had to go through further obstacles before receiving his bride. He had to sing for the bride, confess his love to a total stranger and finally, lift the chair (with someone sitting on it) that was blocking the door to his bride (with some help from his good friends of course) - and it was all worth while.

Their dinner began at 630pm in E&O Penang.

Susan was having her evening make up done as her parents rehearsed their dance for the dinner

And the evening ended perfectly with a kiss. Tom & Susan will be leaving for UK end of this month and I wish them a safe journey home. Congratulations to Tom & Susan.



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