Thursday, February 22, 2007

Back from my long needed break

Bird's eye view of Penang island from the plane as we approach Langkawi

We've just returned today from a short trip to Langkawi this afternoon. I must say that it was a simple yet fulfilling trip. We hired a car and traveled around the island; clocked over 200 kilometers in 3 days. Langkawi island is still underdeveloped (to my opinion), but it sure has one of the most beautiful beaches in Malaysia.

A view of Tanjung Rhu beach

I did not manage to take many photos during our trip. Our itinerary was quite packed and furthermore, it was strictly a 'no working' holiday. I was armed with a Nikon D50 and one 35mm, 2.0 f/stop Nikkor lens throughout the trip.

A bridge that stretches about 200 meters out to the sea, bridging us to a fish farm.

A sign as we enter the bridge above. It doesn't look that safe from here.

I can't wait for my next vacation already...

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Leyenda said...

Heh, looks like you had a well deserved little break. I would have thought Langkawi would be over developed by now.

March 3, 2007 5:13:00 AM MYT  

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