Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Wedding of The Month

Well, at least it was for Penang. Last Saturday was the longest and most tiring session I’ve ever encountered - I had to cover 2 weddings in one Saturday! Alan & Doreen signed up with us a couple of months back and it was supposed to be a normal assignment for us. That was until last week, when Arden from ePixels invited me to help cover a wedding that was supposed to be the “biggest” wedding in Penang.

Fueled with a slice of bread for breakfast and one bun for lunch, I undertook 16 hours of non-stop photography session. In the morning, I was hired to photograph Alan & Doreen’s bridal make up and tea ceremony and just before lunch, I had to rush straight to Equatorial Penang for that ‘big’ event while Alishia covered the rest or the tea ceremony and solemnization.

The “First Assembly of God Church” organized the wedding for Rev. Marcus & Chin San Nee, where 1500 over guests were present. Yes you heard me. ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED OVER GUESTS!

Rev. Marcus walks with his best men and bridesmaids.

Cars jam-packed the entire street and I heard that all 3 parking bays were full!

151 tables in the hall

Checking on his brigade

Mr. Robert Lam was invited to be the MC for the event

Rev. Marcus picks up his wife

A proud and happy husband

Worshiping in high spirit

And the celebration continues…

It was definitely an honour to be invited to shoot alongside with Arden. He is one of the pioneer wedding & event photographers in Penang, who mostly shoots for the big shots around the island. I left Equatorial at 6.30pm and rushed back to Alan & Doreen’s wedding in Gurney Hotel and continued photographing until 1130pm. I shall post Alan & Doreen’s lovely photos sometime next week.

I went back home with a pair of exhausted legs and a painful back, but with a high spirit. It was without doubt, one of the most exciting days for me. I am also looking forward to 1st February where I will be shooting alongside with renowned videographer, Kee.



Leyenda said...

What a huge effort! The pictures look great.

January 30, 2007 4:35:00 AM MYT  
Whizarts Wedding Photography said...

Thanks leyenda. I have more but I've not finished editing them yet.

January 30, 2007 10:48:00 AM MYT  
Baron N said...

I'd have to say that your portfolio is always moving forward. Great photos. I used to remember Robert Lam with a moustache though.

Can't wait for the entire wedding album to be published. What about some glass info?

January 30, 2007 10:33:00 PM MYT  

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