Monday, January 8, 2007

Jason & Iq Lin's Testimonial

I would like to take this opportunity share a testimonial from our recent client. It gives us great joy to receive positive & happy feedbacks from them. It motivates us to continuously please our clients on every shoot. Thank you Jason & Iq Lin for your wonderful comments! We are glad you have chosen Whizarts as your photographer on your wedding day. :)

Hi Ke Wynn & Alishia,

Thanks alot for the great job you guys have done for our recent wedding. You certainly live up to our expectation, or should I fare better than we thought! You guys managed to capture the emotions of the day - the fun, the laughter, tears and all the magical moments! You both provide more than just photography services,rather a creative solution which have given us beautiful and cherished memoirs of our wedding. We absolutely love the pictures and even more so the overall final presentation which certainly adds value to the overall photography. A mixture of talent and technology blended perfectly. That very well explains why we had great difficulty in choosing which photo to upload in the website. Anyway, we sincerely appreciate your effort in rushing the photo presentation from the morning tea ceremonies to be presented during the dinner. Despite the limited time, you guys have shown great effort in delivering a great job. Oh yes...the bridal shower photos are wonderful too. Will we recommend you to anyone? Well, you sold yourselves even before I advertised you. So what more is there to say? Lastly, Keep up the good work and Thanks alot again guys!

-Iq Lin & Jason-



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