Saturday, November 25, 2006

Dear, let the relatives do it.

Unless your relatives or friends are professional photographers, don’t rely entirely on them!

Although most weddings were documented by volunteering relatives or friends, ever so often the moments are not properly captured and easily forgotten. I would like to ask you a few questions before you consider ‘hiring’ your volunteering friends or relatives.

Can they capture important moments like the kiss that seals your vow?
These types of moments require high-end DSLR cameras with minimal lag whenever you press the shutter button. This is a feature that most point and shoot cameras don’t have. Things happen in split seconds and we, professional photographers can’t afford to have this lag. Can you afford to miss that kiss from being captured? We can’t.

Are they constantly on standby if anything interesting happens?
When relatives and friends meet, it becomes natural to welcome each other and be polite by talking to them. Who would you trust to be constantly on standby whenever something interesting happens – like the mother of the bride who sheds a tear of joy? Although sometimes we may look idle, but we are actually scouting around for interesting shots that may be useful for you.

Do they have the right equipment to do the job?
Point and shoot cameras often give you a very dull atmosphere. This happens when you use the built in flash on the camera. Our fully equipped cameras and gadgets are able to capture quality photos along with its ‘natural’ atmosphere at most cases. These equipments are expensive and it requires heavy investment. Are your relatives prepared to invest into such equipment to capture your wedding? We did.

Can they post process the photos professionally and provide you other services?
Most cases, your relative might just give you the photos as it is – unedited, dull and simple. Don’t expect them to give you quality work because it takes days and weeks to do it! I am sure they don’t have the time and neither do you. We spend hours on the computer daily just to ensure the colours are right, cropped and adjusted to its best potential. Also, we can further provide you other services like photo album, thank you postcards, slideshows and others with the same photos we took.

Finally, are they qualified?
“I can do that too!” Sure, we all have a pair of eyes, hands and legs to take a photo. But do they have the theories and knowledge to manage a complicating camera? Taking a photo is not as simple as just aiming and pressing the shutter. You have to take into consideration the exposure value, framing of the subject, the depth of field you want to capture, the timing of your shots to capture the important moments and so on.

If that friend or relative of yours whom you’re going to trust to handle the photography for your once in a lifetime occasion can answer all the questions above, then go ahead and let him or her do the job. If not, why don’t you pay a thousand or two in return for priceless memories? After all, you’re paying a professional to do the job.

A wedding occurs once a lifetime. Cherish it and don’t let these moments be captured in the hands of unqualified individuals.

Dear, let the professionals handle it.

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Kee Sitt said...

Well said !

Professionals are people full time doing this to put bread on the table.

The differences between a pro and hobbyist is "experience".

Dear, please let the PROS do it :)

November 26, 2006 10:01:00 PM MYT  

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