Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Caught in the action

I can never imagine myself being photographed in a photo session that I was supposed to take. It looks like we were not the only ‘photojournalists’ around during a wedding.

It was a wedding photo shoot for a Dutch couple at Lonepine, Penang. A friend of ours who is a popular wedding videographer named Kee Sitt, invited my girlfriend and I over to take some photos of a lovely couple from Holland. We weren’t the official photographers because the couple had ‘hired’ a friend as their photographer. Nevertheless, I agreed and tagged along hoping to get some nice shots to add into our portfolio. After all, we were available on that date and we had nothing else to do.

They were fun to shoot because they were playful and romantic. They took things slowly and cherished every single second of their wedding day. I swear I have lost count the number of times they kissed. A piece of advice to those who are planning to get married – please take things slow and cherish every moment during your wedding day. Have fun along the way! It not only makes your day more memorable, it also helps us photographers and videographers take nicer and more interesting shots.

I was the guy with the black shirt. I didn’t know I pose like that when I shoot. That silver lens on my second camera has been upgraded to a bigger baby. You’ll know it when you see it.

Caught in action again!

We managed to meet up with the Dutch couple last night after their honeymoon. I prepared a DVD slideshow of our photos as a token for allowing us to photograph their wedding. When we reached there, the couple told us that they were a little disappointed with the photographer they "hired". I think I heard them say that his photos were grayish in colour. He also missed some of those important moments that they were hoping to see after their wedding and they were hoping that our photos could somehow rescue their day.

After watching the slideshow, the couple was so glad that we saved their wedding memories with the photos we shot. I recalled the bride was so emotionally touched that she nearly cried after watching it. They also told us that they were so relieved and that they can now sleep peacefully. This is why I stress and urge to all soon to be wed couples to seriously consider hiring a professional wedding photographer in my previous post.

They gave us 2 bottles of wine as their token of appreciation instead.

We are extremely glad that they were happy and that is the most important thing to us – to make our clients smile, and hopefully cry with tears of joy. They also gave the photos of us shown above along with 3 kisses on the cheeks. :)



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